Issue #56


Putting Clients in their place

Anyone can contribute good ideas, so don’t be so quick to rule out that possibility.

Killing Contracts: An Interview With Andy Clarke

Andy’s the guy behind “Contract Killer” which is now in version 3.

How To Guarantee Your Income With Agile Billing

Agile here really just refers to billing for “sprints”. 1 week, 2 week or month long iterations with a fixed scope.

Tools of the Trade: What Tools I Use for iOS Consulting

I must be doing something wrong, LinkedIn and I just don’t get along.

How to Know if You’re Entering a Viable Niche

Competition isn’t a bad thing.

How to Find Enough Work to Keep an Entire Agency Busy

Seems like maintaining a balance of utilization and keeping to deadlines would be an interesting exercise.


8 reasons you should throw away your cash-back credit card if you love to travel

If you want to do something with your credit card, here’s an idea.

30 Pounds in 30 Days

If your clients talk about mobile this might help bring a bit of reality to the budget required for native mobile apps (iOS specifically in this case).

Understand the Favicon

More than you ever wanted to know.


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