Issue #50

Editor’s Note

Thanksgiving in the US means we’re closing in on the end of the year. Time to start thinking about your taxes and figuring out what your goals are for next year. That and consuming a ridiculous amount of calories in a short period of time, tryptophan induced naps while watching American Football.


7 Effortless Ways to Find New Ideas for Your Blog

An interesting list.

Becoming Better Communicators

At the root of a lot of problems you’ll find communication failures.

You Need to Think Like a Customer: The Concepts You May be Missing

Again, communication issues.

7 Pricing Strategies Based on Research Studies

Like focus on time savings and resetting the price anchors set by your competitors.

10 Tips To Convert More Customers With Psychology [Infographic]

Yes, it’s an infographic. No, it’s not in the Resources section.

Unlocking the Science of Habits: How to Hack the Habit Loop & Become the Man You Want to Be

Yes, it’s from a site devoted to Manliness but it’s about The Power of Habit and we could all benefit from planning and engineering our habits to drive us towards our goals.

Mastermind Groups and Mentors – Why You Need Them and How to Find Them

Masterminds: Find one and join one.

How to name your startup

A 9 month first-hand journey through rebranding. I needed this a year ago. And six years ago.


Inspiritas – a free Bootstrap theme by Ripple

With source on Github, pretty cool.

Bones – The HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

A free, mobile & responsive first WordPress theme.

Arq cloud backup adds low-cost Amazon Glacier support

With Amazon’s new low cost infrequent access Glacier storage service using Arq now becomes a bit more affordable if you’re looking for a non-service based backup solution on the mac.

Free VMs of Windows to test older versions of IE

Hopefully this makes your life easier if you have to do this.


Really interesting way to show jQuery plugins.

9 Tips for Integrating Your Facebook Page With Your Facebook Profile

How to handle the dual roles as “you” and “your page” and what happens when you interact as one or the other.

Listening & Watching

Episode 43 – Creating a Repeatable Sales Process…

If it’s not predictable, it’s not repeatable.

50 entrepreneurial podcasts to listen to over Thanksgiving weekend

Here are a lot of podcasts, if you’re into that thing and are interested in other resources.

Episode 104: Podcasts for Startup Founders

Mike and Rob also weigh in with over 40 podcasts for startup founders.


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