Issue #49

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you publically (I should have thanked you privately) if you submitted feedback to me on the direction of Freelancing Weekly. I’m still digesting the suggestions, I’ll let you know more soon. Feel free to shoot me an email any time to let me know what you think, or just to say “What’s up?”


How Zappos’ User Agreement Failed In Court and Left Zappos Legally Naked

The risk aversion part is for you to decide, this article talks about the various ways of presenting your “Terms of Use” and the level of “agreement” you require of your users. If your client (or you) have a SaaS app or eCommerce site, this should be required reading (and is a great reason to get in touch, reinforce your worth).

Keeping Your Files Secure: What Obligations Does a Freelancer Have?

Mostly it depends, but some good ideas.

5 Goals Every Blogger Should Set Up in Google Analytics

Even if you have Analytics set up, it never hurts to see how other people use tools.

Advanced LinkedIn Techniques for Getting More Clients

This focuses primarily on getting in touch with potential clients.

5 Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

Some comment about how I should use LinkedIn more.

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile: A Freelancer’s Guide

And for your personal profile. Trying to figure out how he styled his the way he did.

How to Build a Dominant Google+ Presence

If you’re not there yet, this might help you sort some things out.

10 Things Every Freelancer Should Try at Least Once

Web Developer Economics: Monthly Service Costs

I’ve included this again because we have the whole series now.

Web Developer Economics: One Off Software Costs

Not subscriptions, and only listing paid software.

Web Developer Economics: Hardware Costs

And hardware.

How to Present Your Freelance Services on Your Website

If you haven’t “nailed” your website yet, there is some good general discussion on how to organize your services here.


How to Name your Company

Not sure I’m up for another rename, but I’d like to.

16 Productivity Apps Used By Shopify

I use a lot of these.

5 Google Analytics Reports and Tips You Should Embrace Now

Multi-channel funnels look interesting.

Freelance Freedom 282: Postage Proficiency

I hesitate to believe the USPS can actually schedule something online, I’m still waiting for email notifications that I have mail in my PO BOX (6 months and no notifications)

Freelance Freedom 283: Conventional Wisdom

At a loss for comments.

Freelance Freedom 284: Unacceptable Excuses

Evolution at it’s worse.

Developer Color Picker

A color picker with output in NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS and HTML styles.


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