Issue #48


My Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Mac OS X (2012 Edition)

It’s always fun to look at other people’s tools and workflow. Justin is a Mac/iOS developer so that colors some of the tool choices.

5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your Marketing

One day I’ll actually follow through on my threats to use Google+.

8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

Get your mind set.

It’s Freelance Sabbatical Time!

A years worth of savings?

How to Upsell Without Being Obnoxious

Some dos and don’ts.


A list of base boxes for Vagrant

Waiting and ready to go.


If you’re not using vagrant yet but are using VirtualBox you might appreciate these.

Outlining Books Faster, Revisited

David Seah has some really great paper based tools, this is a new version of his Book Outliner.

Rails Membership Site

A Rails 3.2 application with recurring billing using Stripe on github with a tutorial.

Rails Tutorial for a Membership, Subscription, or SaaS Site

That tutorial I mentioned.

Listening and Watching

003 Pricing Methods

A podcast by fellow RubyFreelancer Eric Davis and Brennan Dunn. This episode they talk about various ways people price their services.


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