Issue #47


How to Offer Ongoing Freelance Services on Retainer

Some advice on retainer services and agreements.

14 Essential Elements of a Good Freelancing Blog

Basics, but sometimes we need to go back to basics.

$39k in eBook Sales Part 2: Design, Testimonials, and Traffic

Part 2 of the podcast (with transcript) covering marketing, testimonials and getting traffic.

5 Tips for Finding Freelance Work on LinkedIn

I’ll have to try these, I don’t think I’ve ever found any work through LinkedIn.

Business Plans for Freelance Consultants

Sometimes a little planning goes a long way.

Wait, DevTools could do THAT?

A presentation from Velocity Conf 2012.

How to Write the Perfect Email: The 9-Step Script for Emailing Busy People

Less is more.


Battle of the LESS Mixin Libraries: LESS Elements vs. LESS Hat vs. Bootstrap

A look at various CSS generating frameworks, mostly LESS flavored.

Freelance Freedom 279: Running Hot

Could easily have been a MacBook Pro. Also, time for a backup solution.

Freelance Freedom 280: Power Of We

There’s no I in team.

Freelancers: show us your work spaces. Here’s mine.

Cool thread on Reddit (Here’s mine doesn’t refer to mine, it’s part of the title)

Web Developer Economics: Monthly Service Costs

Businesses and professionals aren’t afraid to spend money when it helps them. This is a post by Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks on what he pays for on a monthly basis.

Ask HN: How does an experienced freelancer get work?

A thread on HackerNews.

6 Good Tips for Your Freelance Design Contracts

What it says.

Listening and Watching

How To Get More Traffic With Derek Halpern

Write less, promote more and two more trips.


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