Issue #40


A Minimum Viable Service: A Better Way to Start Freelancing

Applying lean startup principles to freelancing.

Delegate or die: the self-employed trap.

Old, but good.

5 Real Reasons Why You Don’t Earn What You Deserve as a Freelancer

If you’re not living the rockstar dreams you thought you should be, here are some reasons why that might be.

Get Started with Crafting Your Freelance Brand Experience

There are lots of pieces, but that’s not all there is.

10 Steps to Creating Your Freelance Brand Personality

More from the branding department.

How One Freelance Writer Landed 10 New Clients in One Month

The secret weapon? Hard work and preparation. You thought it might be something else?

Bootstrap 2.1.0 released

Some updates.

How to Make $5k from Skype (and Possibly a Whole Lot More)

Be available, do things that others won’t, like answer the phone.

Your Portfolio Is A Product: Design It Like One

Sound advice, especially since it’s used so often to get you more work.

Getting Paid: How To Prevent Clients From Paying You Late

A baseball wasn’t on the list.

12 Important Questions to Ask as a Freelance Subcontractor

A good set of general questions whether you are the subcontractor or the one subcontracting the work.

Dealing with the Freelancing/Experience Dilemma

Some tips if you’re just starting out.

How to Give a Killer Concept Presentation

If you have to do this type of thing, here’s a couple thoughts on various ways to break down the pitch.

How to Land More Clients With Persuasive Fees

A look at how to close more deals by changing how you present your fees to potential clients.


Wireframe Faster with Foundation Stencil Sets by ZURB

Some updates to ZURB to help make sketching initial concepts eaiser with a set of omnigraffle stencils.

Useful SASS Mixins

If you’re using SASS these might make your life better.

Custom Sublime Text Build Systems For Popular Tools And Languages

If you sling code for a living you’ve likely seen Sublime Text 2 rise to one of the go to editor choices. There’s a good chance you can build your code with it, here’s a collection of some such ways.

Freelance Freedom 272: Font Treatment

I’m sure there are versions of this for all the disciplines

How to Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2012 Edition

Some updated advice.


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