Issue #39


5 Gmail Filters to Get You to Inbox Zero

If you’re using Gmail and not filtering anything, you should probably start. It’ll make your life easier.

11 Easy and Efficient Ways to Build Knowledge, Self Teach, and Learn Every Day

Quick and useful tips.

Doubling SaaS Revenue By Changing The Pricing Model

Another epic post by Patrick McKenzie, sometimes it pays to mess with your pricing.

Protect Your Content from Being Copied in 3 Steps

Disabling right click makes it harder, but people can always steal your content. I like how some places have a blurb at the bottom of every article that says something like “This article originally appeared on Foo on such and such a date.”

Collections: A Comprehensive Guide

Some tips on how to get paid.

10 SEO Secrets To Dominate Google First page With Content Marketing

Pick a single idea and run with it seems like sound advice, become the authority and Google will find a way to point people to you.

15+ Buzzworthy Techniques to Promote Your Freelance Brand

Lots on branding.

How Checklists Make You Smarter – The Works

For more reading try The Checklist Manifesto.


WordPress iOS app update brings new UI, features

“…should help power users with multiple WP sites get more work done while mobile.”

Thanks to Quora, now you can’t read anonymously

If you’re on Quora and want to keep your browsing habits somewhat private, you should read the article and change your settings.

Freelance Freedom 271: Photoshop Fail

Not a PS user, but still hilarious.

Free Icon Fonts for Web User Interfaces

What it says.

Stop Creating Explainer Videos, You’re Doing It All Wrong!

How to create an explainer video that converts.

List of 25+ top journalism & freelance writing conferences for 2012-13

Looking for a place to meet?

1stWebDesigner’s Life #8 – Amnesia and Volunteer

Amnesia is awesome.

Wireframe Faster with Foundation Stencil Sets by ZURB

Twitter Bootstrap may be all the rage, but it’s not the only game in town.

Show or Tell

How to Grow a Blog and Following With Podcasting

Video Interview with Pat Flynn.


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