Issue #38

Editor’s Note

The biggest story this week isn’t technically about freelancing, but could definitely ruin our freelancing and personal lives. It’s a retelling by Mat Honan: how his digital life was destroyed in the span of an hour. If you don’t read anything else this week, read the articles under “Security and Two Factor Authentication” and protect yourself.

Security and Two Factor Authentication

If you’ve ever seen someone with an RSA tag, maybe you have something similar with your business bank account that generates a time/sequenced based number that has to be used in addition to your password; that’s two-factor authentication.

7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Digital Life

Seriously, enable Google’s 2-Factor authentication.

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

The story that brought this to a lot of people’s attention

Please turn on two-factor authentication

Debunking some myths about two-factor authentication


22 Top Blogging Tools Loved by the Pros

Content Strategy Generator looks pretty cool. Worth a scan, you might find something you haven’t heard of before.

Content Strategy Generator Tool – V2 Update

For the developers and geeks, this is how that Content Strategy Generator works. It’s a google doc that does a lot of queries to other sources.

10 Bad Habits Worth Losing

Don’t be a perfectionist.

5 Rules Every SEO Should Live By

If you’re an SEO.

How to Qualify Your Business Leads Like a Top Agency

Some good tips to make sure you take on only clients you want to work with.

3 Strategies that Brought Me 11,710 Subscribers in Six Months [Case Study]

If you already have a decent sized list (whatever that means to you, I guess) this will help you grow. Don’t think it’s that great for a brand new list.

How Delegating Routine Tasks Can Raise Your Freelance Income

It also forces you to figure out what you’re really doing so you can delegate said tasks.

Freelancer’s Guide to Building a Brand Identity from Scratch

From scratch, so assuming you don’t have one.

How to Onboard a New Customer With Seriously Profitable Flair

Some really clever ways to wow your new customers. These work because almost nobody has the persistence to keep doing them, some can’t even start.

7 items freelancers should back up but probably don’t

Email lists are interesting, especially if you’re relying on your provider to keep that backed up.

One Thousand Dollars an Hour

Interesting discussion by Sam Soffes, creator of Cheddar.

Stripe And A/B Testing Made Me A Small Fortune

Patrick puts out another epic level blog post, send this to Instapaper and come back to it with a cup of coffee and a nice chunk of time.

Project Setup: What’s Your Client Intake Process Procedure?

With some ideas of questions that need to be answered of every new client.

Managing Email Realistically

“Ruthlessness is a hell of a time-saver.” Huzzah!

Google Plus Hangouts On Air is a Killer App

More love for Google Plus Hangouts. And some tips how to use it well.

6 Questions To Ask Before You Install A WordPress Plugin

Performance and security are just two concerns.

The One Question Your Prospects Really Want You to Answer

Answering “What can you do for me?”


Use Eve to learn Mac OS X shortcuts

This looks like a cool little piece of OSS that tells you how to accomplish what you did with the mouse and menus with keyboard shortcuts.

Freelance Freedom 269: Educational Vortex

Been there, done that.

My Monthly Income Report – July 2012

Pat Flynn has been crushing it for quite a while now, but if you need a monthly spurt of inspiration, this might work. No, it’s not freelancing, but there are other ways than selling your time to make money.


Freelancing for an design agency: do you make them sign your contract? : freelance

Reddit discussion on working with agencies and if they’re any different from your other clients.

Show or Tell

SPI 043 : How to Have Laser-Like Focus and Stress-Free Productivity – Summer Marketing Mashup 2012

We talked about productivity on Ruby Freelancers and this hit at just the right time.


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