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Lot’s of links this week. I think I finally have my curation system down, using Mr. Reader on the iPad and pushing stories I want to OmniFocus projects for each newsletter.

In other news, marketing is hard and summer swim is almost done.


SaaS & the Art of Software Pricing. A decade of AWS & Twilio experience in one hilarious hour.

Jeff Lawson from Twilio discusses SaaS pricing in this hour long presentation.

Improve Your Listening Skills, Become a Better Freelancer

What? No, seriously, how to Observe, Listen, Repeat and Ask.

The Power of Environment: 4 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

More and more people talk about getting offices. Can’t say they’re for me.

10 Painful Mistakes that Cost You Freelancing Work

With suggestions to remedy those mistakes.

Weekend Project: Write Posts that Hold Readers to the End, Part 1

How to get people to start reading your posts.

Weekend Project: Write Posts that Hold Readers to the End, Part 2

How to get people to read your post until the end.

The 8 Laws of Being of Service

Without the expectation of reciprocation.

How To Encourage Learning By Making “Smart Mistakes”

Top 25 Lessons Learned In 25 Years Of Freelancing

“The power of technology to help one waste time is at least as great, if not greater, than its power to make one more efficient and productive.” How true.

How I went from losing my job to being a profitable freelancer in 18 months

Invest time in yourself and your business, even if it’s just to document your successes for other clients

The Happy Truth About “Ugly” Projects

I had one, thought it would make for a great success story/case study. It might have been a great success if the client and I could agree how to work towards their common goal, but we couldn’t.

5 Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing

InboxQ looks interesting.

7 Hard Hitting Ways to Grow Your YouTube Audience

Good strategies if you use YouTube as one of your marketing channels.

25 Ways to Build a Prospect List

Nothing fancy, just some good advice that requires some hard work and follow up.

Six Copywriting Tips Everyone Solo Professional Should Know

Including: grammar doesn’t matter. Probably not license to do whatever I want though.

The 6 People You Need in Your Corner

Now to stock my corner.

bdconf: stephen hay presents responsive design workflow

How to approach responsive designs.

How to Launch Your Freelance Site, a Step-by-Step Guide

Pretty comprehensive plan if you’re just starting. Some decent tips if you’re already established.

15 ways to repurpose content and add more value

If you have content, that is.


How to Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds

A four and a half minute video from Forbes to help you work on your elevator pitch.

Freelance Freedom 268: A Busy Mind

Make it stop.

Remote SSH using Back To My Mac

Interesting trick if you have multiple lion macs, use iCloud, travel and need to SSH back to one of your macs.

Set Text on a Circle

Crazy. I don’t even think I could do that in photoshop.


Episode 35 – How Developers Can Learn to Design…

With guest Justin Belcher.


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