Issue #32

Editor’s Note

Pretty quiet week, at least in the US, with the 4th in the middle of the week. That, or storms, or both have resulted in a bunch less phone calls than normal.


20 Cool IFTTT Recipes To Automate Your Online Activities

It’s easy to go overboard with IFTTT but here are some good ideas to get you started.

DIY Videoscribing and Other Awesome Techniques to Enhance Your Videos

Pat Flynn shares some cool tricks to use in your videos.

6 Practical Time Management Strategies for Freelancers and Solos

He talks about blowing through tasks in 15 minute chunks of time in his Mixergy interview too.

What’s the magic number of design proofs your clients get?

Interesting view into part of a designer’s world.

12 Tips When Using Facebook Promoted Posts

Helping to answer if this advertising option fits into your plan and where.

5 Creative Ways Businesses Are Using Google+ Hangouts

Some interesting ideas for using Google+ Hangouts.

25 practical, productive things freelancers can do when everyone else is on vacation

Also, capitalize on lower volume of emails and phone calls.


Do a LOT of work

Good advice.


Maybe a good distraction, but I wouldn’t recommend hanging out there, probably best used as a startup looking for users.

Chrome Dev Tools [video]

Hour long video from Google to help you keep up.

Freelance Freedom 265: Social Media

Nothing, headache, less time…

Facebook Pages – SEO How-to Video

If you want to mess with your Facebook Page’s SEO

Migrating from Posterous to Jekyll on GitHub Pages

If you need an option for a Posterous migration.

Poynter. News University

Loads of courses around journalism and writing. It looks free, but I’m not positive on that.


Do you have your clients sign a completion certificate?

I don’t, definitely seems like a good idea though. Also a good time to get project feedback, ask for referrals, etc.

Need help with negotiating

Plea for help dealing with a negotiation where the other party is clearly a better negotiator. Link to the Slate podcast in the comments might be worth a listen too.

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