Issue #32

Editor’s Note

Lot’s of stuff since I missed last week, so let’s get right to it.


Healthcare for Freelance Writers: 11 Viable Options

Options for health insurance if you’re not lucky enough to have a spouse with good coverage.

8 Things You Should Include In Your Terms of Service Agreement

Some contract advice. If you already have a contract, let this be a reminder to review yours and make sure it’s still serving you as best it could.

More Writing, Less Repossessing

“…she emailed me asking if I knew what was wrong with her website. I emailed her back that it was probably sad she didn’t pay me. It would cheer up after the invoice with the added late fee was paid.” Heh, clever version of F You, Pay me.

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Decent list, Ruul was new (or a reminder) to me.

Monday Spark: Build your marketing around the very best version of You.

Interesting perspective on where your marketing should come from.

The Must-Have Social Media Tool Every Content Marketer Needs

A blog by any other name…

Reading for the Rushed

How to read better.

Pixar story rules (one version)

“#2. You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun to do as a writer. They can be v. different.”

Five Ways To Be A More Efficient Entrepreneur

Inbox zero, what a lofty goal. 310 for me. Baby steps.

10 Apps to Make Your iPad More Productive

Scanner Pro probably makes the whole post worth reading.

Lessons Learned: The First Six Months of Running a Software Consultancy

Really interesting post.

5 Questions Every Business Owner Should Answer Before They Try To Grow Their Business

Time to answer these questions.


A standing desk for $22

Assuming you already have a desk, that is

MacBook Pro with Retina display running three external monitors

Until the Mac Pro gets sorted, the high end retina MacBook Pro certainly seems the go to developer machine.

Freelance Freedom 263: Tumblr Timr

Heh, quite a few sites could use such a timer, HackerNews and Reddit jump to mind.

Freelance Freedom 264: Only Explanation


3 Facebook Timeline Marketing Tips for Success

A few ideas to make Facebook’s Timeline work for you.

Twitter Bootstrap Components

Twitter bootstrap bits for balsamiq.

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