Issue #31

Editor’s Note

Summer time is almost upon us and for me that means my productivity takes a serious hit with the rest of my family home (2 school age daughters and my wife teaches). My goal is to take summers off, or get to a literal 4 hour work week, and spend the time doing fun things with the family.

26 Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities

If you need more ideas, here are a bunch.

How to effectively work at home during the summer?

Our kids are in camp a few days a week, but a “helper” to entertain them some of the time would help.

The 3 Step Guide to Summer Productivity

Knock that daily routine out in the first half of the day and have lunch and beyond to enjoy summer. Though if you can be productive during summer why waste all that time being less productive the rest of the year?

Jargon Madness

A bit like buzzword bingo but in a tournament bracket, sadly most of that jargon has come up in conversation for me in the last few months.

Stop the Bleed – Meeting Ticker

Need to keep meetings with clients short and sweet? This might help.

Pick a Badge

It helps to be reminded of the paradox of choice. I need to go clean up my Freelancing Weekly site with this in mind.

7 Crucial Things That Will Save You as an Independent Creative Over the Coming Years

Generally good advice, regardless of time in question.

First month freelancing.

A recap by Alan on his first month freelancing. There are some jargon words to use here about seeing his process and success, but I’ll let you fill those in.

Why 90% of Everything Is Crap and 5 Ways to Leverage This Face to Sell More of Your Freelance Writing

It’s amazing how much of this, and most advice, can be translated to: “be a professional” and you’re doing better than most.

How to Use Google+ to Update All Major Social Networks

The siren song of wiring all your Social Media together.

8 Killer Tactics to Grow Your Blog with LinkedIn

I don’t use LinkedIn enough. If you do, make sure you change your password.

10 Ways ‘CONFIDENCE’ Makes You A Better Content Writer

Also, fake it until you make it. Exercise and be healthy, does wonders for your confidence and silencing self sabotaging internal dialogue.

7 Ways to Use Your Blog to Attract New Freelance Clients

If you’re not focused on attracting new clients with your blog, here’s a way to get started.

A Radical Customer Relationship Building Approach

Feels like a mastermind-lite and customer of the month merged into one, but seems a really cool idea.

How to Use the New Google Analytics Social Reporting Tool

Lots of new stuff to know about the updated google analytics reporting.

Conference Session Descriptions That Whet the Appetite

If you’re speaking at a conference, or planning too, these posts might help.

How To Write Killer Conference Session Titles That Attract Attendees

Here’s one on conference titles

10 Ways To Change The Way You See Everything

The last from Jeff Hurt, this one I found in a google search after watching the Mixergy Master Class on Productivity where the book “Change the Way You See Everything” was mentioned.

When a new client calls you, don’t freak out. Do this:

Systemizing incoming client calls.

The 10-Step Content Marketing Checklist

I like the point: “Don’t build on rented land”.

How to Create a Total Online Presence When You Really Don’t Have the Time

Very thorough list broken down into categories so it’s less overwhelming.


Freelance Freedom 262: Over Designed

Heh, rounded corners.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Just choose a day, time and how often you wish yor backup to be performed and kick back and wait for your websites files and a SQL dump of its database to be dropped in your Dropbox!

Kogan Imposing Tax On Shoppers Who Use IE7

Interesting take on demonstrating the effort required to support older–especially IE–browsers.

Friends of Freelancing Weekly


This is an open source project from a friend, Ben Mills, and it deserves a little love. If you want a graphical way to interact with RVM, here’s a tool to help.

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