Issue #29

Editor’s Note

My body is still trying to figure out what time zone it should be in. It was only a quick trip out to Vancouver for DevTeach but I think I left just as my clock was beginning to move over to PST. Makes for an interesting morning. Talks went well, thanks :)


How to Build the Confidence You Need to Go After Higher-Paying Markets

Never sell with your wallet.

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Contractor

Some basic tips when trying to find a freelance contractor

If your sales copy doesn’t flow smoothly, rewrite it. Or fail.

Don’t ever give your reader an excuse to stop reading or slow down to consider why they’re reading your copy.

Boost Conversions Step 1: Review Your Offer

Three part series to figure out why people don’t buy/signup and how to fix it.

Boost Conversions Step 2: Revisit Your Conversion Funnel

Part 2.

Boost Conversions Step 3: Revamp Your Communications

Part 3.

How to Get More Freelancing Visibility

Mix of online and offline ideas to get more exposure for your freelance career.

5 Reasons to Spend Time with Other Freelancers

For referrals is a great reason, both to give and receive.

7 Tips for a Great Day of Travel

I’m obsessively early when I travel.

Surviving a dual remote worker marriage

There are occassions when I hear stories of successful couple teams;  one’s a designer, the other a coder.  Or one does the sales, marketing, research, the other develops.  It’s fascinating to me.

10 LinkedIn Tips for Building Your Business

I feel I should utter another half-hearted commitment to use LinkedIn more effectively…


Freelance Freedom 260: A Good Fit

Don’t old shoes smell funny?

Why Working from Home is both Awesome and Terrible

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