Issue 27

Editor’s Note

Feels like a lot of stuff on office space this week; coffee shops, coworking and leasing.


Feeling Overwhelmed?: A 3-Step Process for Prioritizing

Guest post by Heidi on a quick process for prioritizing.

Listen Up! Part II: 15 Techniques to Improve Our Listening

Listening will help in all areas of your life.

Listen Up! Part III: Crafting Good Questions and Responses

Part 3. Part 1 is here

4 Ways to Fire a Client without Burning Your Bridges

Raise your rates until they can’t afford you, but be prepared to say “no” if they can afford you.

10 Excellent Online Payment Systems

Good overview of some vocabulary and processors.

How Much Money Can You Earn as a Freelancer?

It depends. Did you really expect a different answer? Laura comes as close to that as “six figures” but you can only go so far trading money for time.

Making the jump to an office

Some tips for when you’ve outgrown your home office.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck with Shared Office Space

Of course, if you don’t want a private office, you could always look towards coworking spaces.

How Coffee Shops Can Make the Best Substitute Offices

Or, just find a coffee shop.

Understanding the Design Audit: Getting the Biggest Benefits for You and Your Clients

I am not a designer, but I’ve included this for two reasons: you might be a designer, or you might have an inconsistent image and want to do something like this on your own.

How To Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content Creation

Solid advice.

How To Find Startup Ideas

Tips to help keeping your subconscious chewing away on idea and solutions as you encounter problems.

Building a Startup – 12 Priceless Tools for Launching Your MVP

A year old but mostly all are still valid options


Freelance Freedom 257: Over Inspiration

Freelance Freedom 258: Hyperfocus

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