Issue #21

Editor’s Note

Probably tax time for a lot of folks in the US. Two more weeks and we’ll be able to stop talking about this. Then it’ll be some random article proclaiming to “Learn N things from SOME NEW MOVIE”. I kid you not, I saw this about Prometheus–which I really want to see–but seriously, super mega corp sacrificies their employees to weaponize an alien life form and we’re going to relate that to lessons for your business?


A Step Towards Ethical Link Building – What Happened and What Now?

A lot of folks got burned with this link network stuff. Pat Flynn comes clean and talks about his strategy going forward.

The Tool Works at Both Ends

Using and creating tools helps you and your brain.

A wireframe kit for Google Drawings and 5 reasons it beats Omnigraffle and Visio

always an option, there are many others, just saw this when digging up an alternative for a client.

All Startups Should Use Google Hangout

We’ll see.

6 SEO Tips for the Little Guy [Infographic] by @neomammalian

For your clients or your own products/services

Fuck ‘em

Live your own life.

Reinventing the Office: How to Lose Fat and Increase Productivity at Work

I don’t know if I’ve been ignoring Tim Ferris or if he’s just been quiet. I’m guessing the former. His take on redesigning offices.

Building the Perfect Beast: The Igor Naming Guide to Creating Product and Company Names

Names, names, names. You’d think this would help me, but it’s just more yak to shave.

Startups, this is how design works.

Some pointers for people that don’t understand design, like me.

What’s the difference between a system and a process?

You execute processes with systems. There’s a bunch more to the article though.

Manage Your Time Effectively Using the “Four List” Method

If you like lists, Laura gives you some reasons to have more than one for todo items.

40 Plus Ways to Unwind and Relax

Let’s be honest, if you need to read a blog post to remind you how to relax, maybe you have other problems…

How to Master the Freelancer’s Uber-Sell

Selling more to your existing customers is easier than selling to new customers.

How to Leverage Inbound Marketing to Make Clients Claw At Your Door

Not quite “build it and they will come”.

Multi-Device Layout Patterns

Some responsive design patterns

Dropbox referrals are now twice as nice!

So if you haven’t signed up for dropbox yet, you should totally sign up here and we both get 500MB extra space:


Freelance Freedom #252: Business Dinner

A nod to tax season and all us US folks personal taxes coming due in a couple weeks.


Home Work – Episode 002 – Work Spaces

I haven’t started listening to this yet, but it’s a new podcast in the space.


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