Issue #14

Editor’s Note

Last week I mentioned I submitted my first app to the app store. I found out on Valentine’s Day that it was approved for sale. If you’re curious what I’ve been talking about, it’s Math Minute Addition. I’m excited. If you have little ones, 5-7 years old, that enjoy or need practice with addition, this app can help.

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How Developers Can Help Designers

The other side of Matt’s How Designers can help Developers post.

Five Tips for Retooling Your Business

These articles tend to be for general business instead of just solo/micro/freelance businesses, but they still have some solid points. Like this one: “Stop being a bank to your customers”.

21 Times for a Freelancer to Say “No”

Laura presents a great list of times you should say “no” to potential or existing clients. Hard to rank my favorites, but this is among the top 3: “The client wants you to do more work when they haven’t paid for the last project”. F*ck You. Pay me..

Why You Should Embrace ‘Icky’ Sales and Marketing

James has another good article, this time on getting over yourself and the feeling that sales and selling is unnatural. I’m not sure where I heard it from, maybe Michael Port, but think of how you’re depriving your potential customers of your service/solution/product. I think the example was the cure for some cancer, maybe all cancer, would you want to keep that to yourself?

8 tips for freelancing from home without ignoring your kids

This applies more to me over the winter holidays and the summer, when everyone including my wife is home. It’s great to have lunch with the family, or take a break to chill with my daughters, but it can be hell on my productivity.

Six Tips for Maximizing Email Marketing Campaigns

Split test, split test, purge the dead weight.

Look ‘Em in the Eye: Part II – How to Make Eye Contact the Right Way in Life, Business, and Love

If you’re not sure how to make eye contact without skeeving someone out, read on. The curmudgeon in me wants to blame social media, texting and ever other form of indirect communication. The hacker in me wants to beat the curmudgeon with a hammer.

12 Things I Have Learned After 7 Years of Freelancing

You’ll make much less than you think. You’ll make much less than you think.

7 Warning Signs to Watch for When Working with Subcontractors

Notice how lack of communication is the first one…


Ostrich Rest

There’s really no redeeming value in this one, just humor and WTF? I could make up something about coworking and power napping, but I won’t insult you. The rest of the photos on Ostrich’s site are definitely worth the click.

Being a Freelance Designer

If you haven’t seen these around the web, it’s worth looking at, once or twice.

Monday Spark: Surprise…you can lift your spirits with structure and self-discipline.

I think I’ll fail if I dont’ find some way to mention that you should only check your email two or three times a day and shut it off the rest of the time. Nick’s post isn’t just about email, it’s about scheduling your day (which is about email, in a way).

Freelance Freedom #245: Self Discipline

I’ve had that visual so many times before…

How To Build a Handwritten Letter Style Contact Form

Really, really cool looking contact form. Oh, and a tutorial to go along with it.


Episode 9 AdSense Flippers Podcast: Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing

I know this is Freelancing Weekly, but if you don’t stretch your mind even a little bit you’ll be in the same place this time next week/month/year. These guys probably aren’t in the same business or market that you are but they talk a good talk. This episode talks about outsourcing, specifically to the Phillipenes.


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