Issue #10

Editor’s Note

I guess this is the money issue. Money as in currency not money as in the best ever. Though it could be the best ever.

Tips on how to get paid, how not to get audited, how to make more money and find out what part of your business is the most profitable.

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5 Tips for Dealing With Clients Who Won’t Pay

Thanks to Phil (@pjammer) for the link on this one. Exactly what it says it is…

Five Painless Ways to Raise Prices this Year

If you have all the money you could ever want and only freelance for the joy you get helping others then you can probably skip this article. Otherwise, these might be some good ideas to raise your prices.

Are you turning into the client you hate the most?

Walk a mile in their shoes. See how the other half lives. Karma. Maybe you should take a look at how you treat your service providers, sub-contractors, etc and make sure you aren’t the client from hell.

6 Tips to Avoid IRS Audits for Freelancers

Allan gives 6 red flags to watch out for to help you avoid an audit.

Why Having a Mentor is Important for Freelancers

If you don’t have a mentor or don’t think you need one, read this. You should probably find a mastermind group too.

Do You Make These 5 Common Negotiating Mistakes?

Lauren covers five negotiating mistakes that could be costing you profit and sanity.

Are You Ready to Strip Your Business Down to the Essential Numbers?

Not sure what portion of your business is the most profitable? Nathalie discusses a simple exercise to help you figure it out.

Client Acquisition – You’re Doing It Wrong

Gideon shares some advice from Ramit Sethi intertwined with his personal experience on a simple 2 step process to find your first 3 customers.


Freelance Freedom #241: Freelance Adventurer Part 2

I need to use the killer dragon line more often.


Does anyone have experience with scaling their freelance business?

Interesting discussion on reddit/r/freelance about going from a solo freelancer to a business (with subs or employees). A step that’s often over looked in general freelance advice and success stories.


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