Issue #9

Editor’s Note

Ugh, miserable week personally. Brother in law in the hospital, young (40) and apparently healthy. He shouldn’t be in there. Anyway, here’s today’s Freelancing Weekly.

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7 Warning Signs That You Are About to Lose a Client

Laura points out 7 signs to watch for, because you might be losing a client and not even realize it.

How to Subcontract a Project with Another Freelancer

Have too much work and thinking about subbing it out to someone? Florante covers a few things to consider before making the leap.

How To Work From Home Like You Mean It

Kevin says I need to shower, shave and get dressed to walk down the hall to my home office just as if I was going to endure an hour commute to a traditional office at a regular J.O.B. Interesting read.

Doing the Work is Sexy

Shut up and do the work. Of course Chris, being the author he is, makes the point a lot more subtlely than I do.

10 New Year’s resolutions for designers

After all my poo-pooing of New Years and goal posts and the like I’m eating a bit of crow because this is a good article. It’s by Mike Monteiro, you’ll remember him from F*ck you. Pay me.

Tried These “Under-the-Radar” Marketing Tactics for Your Writing Business? (Guest Post)

Lori talks about a few under-utilized marketing tactics, good regardless of your business. My favorite, using your Invoices for marketing, it’s been said before and it’s somewhere on my todo list…

I Am Not a Web Designer

I don’t want to fall into the trap of saying that this should be obvious, but it really should be. David Horn talks about not being a code monkey commodity and instead being useful and solving your customers actual problems. [Insert Neo quote: 'woah']

7 Common Mistakes Made by New Freelancers

What it says. You’ll probably recognize at least one or two of these from your own career or your freelancing circle’s.


Freelance Freedom #240: Freelance Adventurer Part 1

Geeks vs. Nerds

An infographic.


What do you offer clients for residual income?

A question on reddit.

As a freelancer, how much do you bill per hour?

A poll on hacker news, that turns into a discussion on the differences between the terms “Freelancer”, “Contractor” and “Consultant”.


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