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Last week was Thanksgiving for folks in the US, so happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you. I spent Wednesday afternoon and most of Thursday cooking a meal for 18 people. Then Friday helping my parents but up Christmas decorations and Saturday doing the same thing at my house. My kids are very quick to get started, and almost as quick to get bored. That was my week and why we didn’t have an issue last week.

Anyway, we’re at it again.

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10 Productive Tasks You Should Be Doing On Google+ Right Now

I’m not sure where you stand on the whole G+ debate but here’s a guest post by Neil Patel (KISSmetrics) that covers 10 ways you could start getting something out of it.

10 ways Google+ is Better than Facebook for Creative Freelancers

Here’s Alex’ take on why G+ is better than Facebook if you’re a Creative Freelancer. A couple take aways (his words): more secure and more professional.

Time or Money: You can’t have both as a freelancer

Beyond the obvious attention getting headline I really like Mike’s take on a lot of things, his no BS attitude is refreshing. The premise of this article boils down to: Choose to have more free time or more money and optimize for that. It’s a good reminder that you need to have focus, have goals and be realistic about what it takes to accomplish those goals.

6 Tips for Effectively Dealing with Client Demands

Addison covers 6 tips to deal with “that Client”. I’d say most of the tips fall under prevention, instead of reaction, so it’s worth the read to make sure you have everything in order before you find out you hired “that Client”.

10 Creative Ways to “Level-Up” Your Presence on Facebook

Pat Flynn might not show up on everyone’s radar as a freelancing news source but if you’ve followed his impressive rise over the last 2 years you’ll know he has lots of good things to say about blogging, Facebook and podcasting. Today’s tip is on Facebook and how to use it more effectively. If your social media strategy involves Facebook this is definitely worth a read.

Freelance Freedom #235: Managing Priorities

This isn’t an article and it doesn’t fit any of my other categories well, so I’m sticking it here. Pretty funny (only because it’s true) comic on “rush fees”.

5 Unique Benefits That Freelancers Offer to Their Clients

If you’re a solopreneur, freelancer or business of just a couple you have some distinct advantages over huge firms, so make sure you exploit them. Laura covers 5.

Video, Insight Design Conference-Quite Strong Talk

With more and more conference content being available online as video for free you’ll soon only want to go to actual events for networking and schwag. This article links to a talk on self promotion in the design industry by Jennifer Sisson and Jana Kinsman. If you click through and watch the video on Vimeo you can find a few more from the conference.

If you’re a developer, especially a ruby type, and don’t know about confreaks then you should really take the rest of the day off and check it out. Seriously.

5 Reasons Why I Prefer to Freelance for Others

Kamal reminds us that we don’t have to do it all on our own and that it’s possible to make a living (even a good one) taking a role as a sub-contractor. Sub-contracting is a great way to get your fledgeling business of the ground. I’m not sure I’d put all my eggs in that basket, when times are tough passing work to subs will be one of the first things the primary contractor cuts. YMMV and all that, of course.


50 Free Social Media Icon Sets

Can we really have too many social media icon sets? Probably. But here’s 50 more if you’re still working your way up to “too many”.

Novelrank: A Brilliant Resource for Tracking Your Amazon Sales

If you have a book selling on amazon and you’re interested in tracking how well it does this resource Nick mentions might be just what you’re looking for.

10 Useful Services To Sell Digital Goods Online

You do have a product right? Something you’re selling online to generate loads of passive income? Or maybe you’re looking into it? Or thinking about it? Here’s a run down of 10 ways to sell that product online.

How to Impress Clients With a Monthly Value Report

Here’s an idea I haven’t seen before. I’m an Agile software guy and I’ve done daily stand-ups to make sure everyone, including the product owner (often the client), are on the same page as to what’s going on. I’ve also been in relationships that want a sort of weekly report that they can use to justify spending money on more of my time. This tracking sheet helps you explain your value to your clients but it also gives you a nicely formatted cheat sheet when you’re building out your responses to other inquiries for work.

This week’s newsletter is brought to you by me. I built Freelance Funnel, a service that takes the headaches out of finding new leads. If you’re a new freelancer, or don’t have a big enough referral network to keep your pipeline full, you’ll definitely want to check it out. There’s even a 30 day free trial, so there’s nothing to lose.

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